Zildjian Josh Dun Signature ''Trench'' Sticks

Zildjian Josh Dun Signature "Trench" Drumsticks

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Released to celebrate ''Trench'' and the ''Bandito'' tour. The Josh Dun Signature Drumsticks feature a wider shaft and extra length for more reach and heavier impact. This puts them somewhere in between a traditional 5A and 5B in length and diameter. That could be the sweet spot for you.

The medium taper offers balanced weight for a natural feel when using technique. The oval tip has a surface area that's ideal for punchy impact and bright cymbal tone. Aside from all the practical benefits, they are also visually appealing, featuring an eye-catching yellow finish with green text. Perfect for pop, rock, and many other popular styles, the Josh Dun Signature ''Trench'' sticks would be a stylish and effective addition to your drumstick collection.


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