Vater The Stewart Copeland Standard


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Tuesday, 29 December 2015
that I'm not sure if they are sturdy enuogh to be used as performance drums. There do have some weaknesses. They are sturdy enuogh for sane use, but if someone plans on abusing them I don't think they would take too much punishment. Overall though, I am very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the hardware and the drums themselves. They are much better than I had expected for the price. I tuned them to their shells. In other words, I took the empty shells, hung them free, and used the kick drum beater to rap on them and recorded the tones they made. Then I placed the drum heads on and tuned those to the same pitch. This was a procedure that I learned from a drum manufacturer. This method of tuning worked very well with these drums and I am very well pleased with their sound, timber and pitch. For someone just starting out on the drums, these drums are great!By the way, they sound great, and they aren't that flimsy. So they can be used as performance drums. They just aren't going to stand up to neglect and abuse. If they are treated as a musical instrument they should be just fine.