Vater Stick and Finger Tape

Choice of Colours - 1 Roll Will Wrap Approx 10 Individual or (5 Pairs) of Sticks

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Sales price £6.95
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Vater's Stick & Finger Tape is the world's first drumming tape to be designed for use on both sticks and fingers. The tape helps prevent blisters and hand fatigue, while still allowing a sense of "feel" to maximize dexterity and grip. Unlike the commonly used First Aid Tape, when wrapped properly Vater's Stick & Finger Tape will not unravel from sticks or fingers because of it's self-cohesive design. Vater's tape comes in 5 colors and each roll is 1 inch wide by 30 feet in length. One roll will wrap approximately 5 pairs of sticks.


Sunday, 04 January 2015
God, I feel like I shloud be takin notes! Great work