Mr Zogs Sex Wax

Mr Zogs Sex Wax

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Sex Wax Drumstick Wax was designed and specifically formulated for drummers by Mr. Zog. World famous, and with over 30 years of wax grip technology, Mr. Zogs surfboard wax keeps surfers stuck to their boards. It's beautifully simple! Just rub it on your stick and hang on. No more worrying about dropping your stick. The wax is non-staining and will improve the grip of any stick. The wax lets you relax as your hands warm up without worrying about your drumsticks slipping.


Saturday, 17 October 2015
Whew. Thought I had stumbled onto the wrong site. Or that you had taken a difneitely un-Susan-like turn. Here in Michigan most people don't think about surf boards, and if we did, we would call them by their appropriate name. Otherwise, everyone would think we were talking about something else.