5A Maple Wood Tip Sticks

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Wednesday, 21 October 2015
Review by Bradley Wayne Tarbutton for Rating: I purchased my gamomn set about 4 months ago, first of all the assembly instructions provided in the box are worthless. I also picked up Tommy Igoe's getting started on drums dvd, which walks you through assembly step by step. I'm going to go through everything about this drum set piece by piece, because some things are great and some things are terrible. The drums shells themselves are made of nato wood, which has similar sonic properties to mahogany so you're going to get good lows out of you're bass drum and floor tom but the rack toms could sound much better. The biggest problem i have with this kit are the bass drum spurs: they aren't quite long enough and I've had to set them on top of a bunched up throw blanket to raise the drum up to where it's supposed to be and keep it from sliding forward on me. Also the rack toms only have 5 lugs each, making it more difficult to tune.I really hate the sound of the snare drum, it's hard to describe but it's most likely due to the choice of nato wood again. I replaced it after about a month with a poplar one that sounds worlds better, at the very least it needs a better head put on it.If the cymbals are a big selling point for you prepare to be disappointed. At first i thought that since it's just me and my friends jamming in the basement i wouldn't care if they didn't sound very good, but not only do these sound bad, the hi-hats actually hold you back when you start trying to experiment with them. They don't vibrate, they wobble, and it's impossible to learn certain techniques with them because you can't tell if you're doing it right or not if it sounds like crap no matter what. Also, the bottom hi-hat started to buckle around the hole after only a few days of playing normally. If you can stand them, great, but if not you're going to find yourself spending around [...] on one of the starter packs from m