Remo Emperor Coated 10"


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Coated Emperor® heads are warmer and more durable than Clear Emperor®s. They’re made with two free-floating plies of 7-mil Mylar® film, which gives consistent open warm tones which accounts for their popularity among many of today’s Studio, Pop, R&B and Rock drummers.


Wednesday, 30 December 2015
Hey James I agree that marketing is not necslearisy bad in and of itself, but doing it in a stealth fashion like this is definitely underhand.I think their use of Lupin's photo without permission shows pretty clearly how much they actually care about their tribes'.I still quibble with the use of the word research', which is clearly used here to cultivate a veneer of academia rather than business. If they don't pay for their research, you're basically working unpaid for the corporations that fund it.