Tama HC83BW RoadPro Boom Cymbal Stand

Good Heavy Duty Boom Cymbal Stand

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Tama HC83BWN Roadpro Boom Cymbal Stand The Tama RoadPro series offers fantastic value for money considering how well constructed and durable these stands are. This fully adjustable 3 section boom stand features double braced legs and a 450mm boom arm. This boom arm can also be hidden away inside the main tubing, transforming into a straight stand. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Optimus Prime. With a base tubing diameter of 28.6mm, steel nuts, nylon washers and die-cast joints, this stand is well constructed and will stand up to the test of gigging life. Tama Quick-Set Tilter Unlike many cymbal stands which rely on a restrictive teeth based tilter to set the cymbal angle, this stand features a unique and versatile design. The quick-set tilter doesn't rely on teeth, instead it features of series of high quality washers that squeeze together. This means that the cymbal can be set to ANY angle, not just the to the set angles offered by a teeth based tilter


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