Yamaha FP9 Chain Single Pedal

Yamaha FP9 Chain Single Pedal
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Have full control of the tension on the pedal due to the quick adjusting cam on the Yamaha FP9 Chain Drive Single Pedal. Featuring a quick adjusting cam, the Chain Drive Pedal gains tension gradually throughout the stroke as the pedal is depressed, this tension can be adjusted for optimal playability. The Chain Drive Single Pedal by Yamaha is fitted with a weight adjustable beater which allows you to attain your preferred sound and feel. Included is an aluminium (3g) weight and a brass (9g) weight, both of which can be attached and removed easily. The heel of the pedal comes equipped with spikes that prevent the pedal from slipping when playing, providing improved stability.


  • Quick Adjusting Cam
  • Axle Stabilising Bearing Chamber
  • Low Profile Stabilising Hinge
  • Easy Access Auto Lock Spring Adjustment
  • Weight Adjustment Beater
  • Independent Beater/Foot-board Angle Adjustment
  • Ball Bearing Drive Connection
  • Anti-Skid Heel Spikes
  • Includes a Carry Case
  • Includes a Drum Key


  • Type: Single
  • Drive: Double Chain
  • Beater Weights: 2 (1 Brass, 1 Aluminium)
  • Belt: Nylon Belt


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