Hardcase Pre-Pack Case Sets ( 5 Piece )

Bundle Discount Standard Black Cases - Choice of Sizes Available.
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Hardcase Bundle Set Options

Choice of Sets are as follows

  • FUSION 20"b 10"t 12"t 14"t 14"s
  • FUSION2  20"b 10"t 12"t 14"ft 14"s
  • ROCKFUSION  22"b 10"t 12"t 14"t 14"s
  • ROCKFUSION2 22"b 10"t 12"t 14"ft 14"s
  • ROCKFUSION3 22"b 10"t 12"t 16"ft 14"s
  • STANDARD     22"b 12"t 13"t 16"ft 14"s
  • ROCK1           24"b 12"t 16"ft 18"ft 14"s


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