Dixon Precision Coil Double Bass Drum Pedal

Dixon Precision Coil Double Bass Drum Pedal

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The Dixon Double Precision Coil is a totally unique bass drum pedal. The design of this pedal takes Dixon's reputation for high-performance bass drum pedals to a whole new level. This striking looking pedal is ultimately designed to deliver maximum responsiveness and ergonomic action. The reason behind the design of this pedal is that Dixon feel that rocking spring mechanism on a traditional drum pedal can compromise smoothness and playability. This can then cause the player to try and find a technical solution to what is actually a mechanical fault in the design of traditional drum pedals. Dixon believe that the Precision Coil is the mechanical solution, resulting in a slick pedal that responds to your every move.

Efficient Striking Motion

The key to the Dixon Double Precision Coil Bass Drum Pedal is that the pedal has fewer moving parts. This means that all the focus of the pedal is going towards creating the most efficient striking motions possible. The pedals efficiency comes from a specially selected spring coil. The spring coil has a direct connection to the axle/cam assembly. This means that because of the fewer moving parts and the direct connection, you gain a better transfer of energy and superior linear control.

Maximum Adjustability

The Precision coil can be tailored to suit your personal preference. The footboard height can be adjusted so you're comfortable when playing, this helps you to play more efficiently. As well as the footboard you can adjust the spring and beaters. All of these features enable you to personalise the pedal to suit your needs. The beaters are self-aligning, therefore, maximising sound and strike impact.

About Dixon

Exclusively distributed in the United States by St. Louis Music supply, Dixon Drums and Hardware is considered a rising star in the acoustic drum business. Established by its Taiwan-based parent company with over 35 years experience in quality drum and hardware manufacturing, Dixon embraces both sound and function in its effort to advance the art of drumming through the craft of drum making.

Playability, reliability and sustainability shape the Dixon vision as a full-line drum brand able to adapt to all styles, deliver at all levels, and stand the test of time; nothing validates these achievements more than the signing of Grammy Award-winning drummer Gregg Bissonette to Dixon endorsement roster. Gregg is a renowned L.A. session/touring artist currently touring the world on Dixon drums alongside Ringo Starr with his All Starr Band.


  • Innovative, high quality design 
  • Adjustable foot board height 
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Self-aligning twin surface beaters
  • Beater weight balancers and memory locks


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