Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid 22'' 12'' 16'' Floor - Orange Sparkle

Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid 22'' 12'' 16''- Orange Sparkle Finish * NO SNARE *
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Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid 22x16'' 12x8'' 16x15'' Floor  Orange Sparkle.

The Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid Shell Pack inherits the advanced hybrid shell technology from the legendary PHX series drum kits, combining plies of maple with wenge, an African hardwood well known for its clear, balanced tones. With a 30-degree bearing edge on the bass drum, alongside a 45-degree edge on the toms, the Absolute Hybrid Shell Pack features 3.0mm die-cast hoops paired with hook-style lugs for consistent and accurate tuning throughout your performance or session.

The shell pack also includes a single tom mount for the 12'' x 8'' tom, featuring Yamaha's advanced YESS III tom mounting system for reduced acoustic dampening with enhanced shell sustain and volume. Ideal for a wide range of drumming styles and genres, the Yamaha Absolute Maple Hybrid Shell Pack is an extremely versatile, high-quality kit at a competitive price point.

  • Core Wenge Ply Sandwiched by Maple for Clear, Balanced Tones
  • 30 Degree Bearing Edge on Bass with 45 Degree Edge on Toms
  • Advanced YESS III Tom Mounting System
  • 3mm Die-Cast Hoops With Yamaha Hook Lugs


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