Yamaha Tour Custom Snare Drum 14x5.5'' - Butterscotch Satin + FREE Protection Racket Case

*B-Stock New Just out of original box* Yamaha Tour Custom Snare Drum 14x5.5" - Butterscotch Satin

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This is one of the most responsive and pro end sounding snare drum we have heard at Sound Attak, and for under £300 this is going to be a go to upgrade snare drum. It has great versatility in its tuning range.

Focused tone, yet open enough to have great character. The Yamaha Tour Custom snare features 6-ply, 5.6mm all-maple shells with a 45-degree bearing edge. This adds tonal depth and a sensitive, quick response.

To give you more control, the Tour Custom features a 2.3mm Inverse Dyna Hoop. This controls the overtones from the maple shell, providing more focus on the fundamental tone. With ten Absolute Lugs the snare remains in tune while adding a touch of class to the drums appearance.


  • 6 ply 5.6mm all-maple shells for full-bodied tone and presence
  • 45 degree bearing edges provide sensitive response
  • 2.3mm Inverse Dyna Hoop controls overtones
  • P Style strainer is easy to grip and provides smooth operation, with secure locking


  • Dimensions: 14'' x 5.5''
  • Shell Material: 6-ply 5.6mm maple
  • Bearing Edge: 45 degree / R1.5
  • Hoop: Inverse Dyna Hoop (10 hole)
  • Lug: Absolute Lug
  • Snare Bed: 2.7mm
  • Strainers: P Type
  • Heads:
    • Batter: Remo US Ambassador Coated
    • Resonant: Remo US Snare Ambassador
  • Snare Wire: 25 strand high carbon steel
Snare Depth (in)
Snare Diameter (in)


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