Yamaha Recording Custom Snare Drum 14x8'' - Real Wood

Yamaha Recording Custom Snare Drum 14x8" - Real Wood
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Looking for deep, punchy tone? This Yamaha Recording Custom snare is 8'' of pure warmth and low-end punch. The wide tuning range provided allows very high and low tunings. For a 14'' x 8'' snare, it's highly responsive and performs well at low dynamics. Birch shells ensure tone is balanced and blended nicely with enhanced bass and high frequencies. 
The Yamaha Recording Custom Snare features 30-degree bearing edges for maximum head to shell contact. As a result, the sound is more round, more focused and more punchy. 6-ply, 6mm Birch reduces unwanted noise, while retaining all of the great resonant characteristics of the drum. Designed for the optimal studio sound, the 14'' x 8'' Recording Custom birch snare is the perfect drum for fat-tone aficionados

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