SJC Custom Drums Alpha Aluminium 14x6.5'' Snare Drum

SJC Custom Drums Alpha Aluminium 14x6.5'' Snare Drum w/ Die Cast Hoops

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Enhanced body, sharper attack and maximum sensitivity; the Alpha Aluminum snare is the perfect choice for any player seeking dynamic tone and response. With die cast hoops and 40-strand snare wires, you'll be sure to get that extreme crack that's perfect for hip-hop to metal.

         NAME ORIGIN         
We chose the name “Alpha” as it often translates to “the beginning” and this snare is the perfect solution for any drummer who wants to start his or her journey with SJC Drums. The pure integrity associated with the name “Alpha” is synonymous with the snare’s massive tone and durable construction.

      WHY THE ALPHA          
  • Versatile 6.5x14 size
  • Polished aluminum shell delivers a bold and brilliant tone
  • SJC Shield lugs create a custom and unmistakable appearance
  • Cut through the mix with the Alpha’s aggressive attack

  • 6.5x14
  • 1.2mm Rolled Aluminum Shell
  • Polished Finish
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Drop-style Throw Off
  • Die Cast Hoops
  • 40-strand Snare Wire
  • Drumhead by Evans
  • Crafted in Taiwan


Snare Depth (in)
Snare Diameter (in)


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