British Drum Co Ltd Edition 'The Duke' Snare Drum

British Drum Co Ltd Edition 'The Duke' Snare Drum

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3000 years of refinement.... 

At the heart of this very special limited edition snare drum is a spectacular shell made from 3000 year-old bog oak. The bog oak, carbon dated to approximately 1000BC, has been crafted into a 6mm thick 10-ply shell using our cold mould process in our UK factory. We’ve then added a further 2-plys in bog oak reinforcement rings and round-over bearing edges to further unleash the naturally warm and dark sound of this incredible wood.

The Duke features 10-lugs, single-flange chrome plated hoops, mini butterfly claws, 24ct gold-plated slotted tension rods and is our first snare to feature our smooth-action Palladium Mk II snare strainer.


  • 14 x 5.5

  • 3000 year old Bog Oak shell

  • Individually numbered series badge. 

  • Remo USA Skins

  • 4.5mm rolled steel hoops

  • Vintage style mini claws

  • 24 carat gold tension rods

  • Palladium Lugs

  • Palladium Mk1 Strainer

  • Brass Snare Wires. 


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