Mapex Black Panther Blaster Snare 13x7" Maple Shell w/ Re Rings

13x7 Blaster Snare Drum

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Mapex Black Panther The Blaster 13x7 Maple Snare At the beginning of 2010, Mapex redesigned their entire Black Panther Snare Drum range with 14 new models. Mapex have improved the hoops on the range with their sonic saver hoop design. The drums feature either sculpted shield-style or forged tube-style lugs, and new and improved finishes compared to older models. Specifications For an ear-shattering loud and aggressive response, tune this drum to a little higher pitch....(and then warn everyone around you.) 8.5mm shell constructed from 5.1mm maple shell and 3.4mm walnut reinforcing rings 13x7 5:5 bearing edge

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