Gretsch Catalina Club 20" Drum Kit - Shell Pack

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Catalina Club Features:

Catalina Club retains a 7-ply Mahogany shell fitted with new round badge; 30 degree bearing edges; Catalina mini lugs; 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops.

An all new low-mass, low-profile mini tom suspension fitted with 9010 L-rod bracket.

Catalina Club shells are fitted with Gretsch by Remo single-ply coated drum heads.

18”, 20” & 22” bass drums are fitted with the new round badge bass drum bracket and G-branded memory lock.

Based on the original 9020, the new mini L- rod brackets offer the same durability with T-wingnut upgrade.

The brand new Catalina tom holders include top adjust T-wingnut and 7/8” cymbal arm holder.


The Catalina Club Drum Kit from Gretsch Now features a Nice Retro Round badge to really keep the look and feel of the kit more retro, New low-mass low profile mini tom suspension system fitted with 9010L-rod Bracket. Fitted with Remo USA drum heads so no need to change these as soon as you get the kit.

All new Round bass drum mount with a G branded memory lock, the attention to detail really sets this kit apart from the competition. New Mini floor tom leg brackets with die cast T-wingnuts give a feeling of a top end pro kit it just feels better to put together when the wing nuts are die cast. Along with all the upgrades the Catalina also has the tom holder upgraded to a new unit that features a top adjusting die cast T-wingnut and a 7/8” cymbal arm slot for adding an extra holder.  


Kit Sizes 

  • 20x14b
  • 12x8t
  • 14x14ft
  • 14x5.5s


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