ATV Artist Series Cymbal 18''

ATV Artist Series Cymbal 18''

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ATV Artist Series Cymbal, 18in

The cymbals can be played around their full circumference, meaning there is no need for annoying hardware such as rotation stoppers; just place the cymbal on the cymbal stand. The newly designed pivot allows the cymbal to sway naturally in all directions. Great care has also been paid to the way in which the entire cymbal flexes when the edge is struck, as well as to the thickness of the tip, ensuring that while the cymbal is made of silicone for excellent silencing, it provides a playing feel similar to a traditional cymbal.

All the cymbals have a 360 strike zone and are chokeable anywhere on the cymbal.


  • Size 18”
  • Material Silicone Rubber
  • Color Matt Black
  • Zone(s) Bow/Edge/Cup*
  • Connector(s) 2x Trigger Output (TRS Phones)
  • * For the aD5, only ride cymbal input supports the cup zone.
  • * Trigger cable is not included.


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