Dw Performance Series 14x8" Snare Drum USA MADE

14x8" Performance Series Snare Drum - Choice of Colours - Approx 3-6 weeks

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Dw Performance Colours

Crafted from 10 plies of North American Hard Rock Maple, the same exact maple used on DW’s legendary Custom Shop Drums, Performance Series maple snares are lacquered inside for enhanced brightness and attack and finished in natural hand-sprayed lacquer to show off the natural beauty of the wood and is neutral enough to match any drum kit. These drums provide warmth and a throaty backbeat. 

Colour Choices :-

  • Pewter Sparkle
  • Titanium Sparkle
  • White Marine
  • Black Diamond
  • Tobacco Satin Stain 

Premium FInishes

  • White Ice
  • Candy Apple Red
  • Ebony Stain
  • Gun Metal Metallic 
Snare Depth (in)
Snare Diameter (in)


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