Craviotto Center Stage Kit *SOLD *

Craviotto USA Center Stage Kit- 20x12 12x7 14x12 *Signed by JC*

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Sales price £3,295.00

Finally, a center lug kit that’s worthy of taking center stage!

Craviotto’s new Center Stage drum set embodies every ounce of handcrafted quality and unsurpassed craftsmanship that Craviotto Drum Company has built our reputation on.    

Traditionally, center lug kits were geared towards the entry-level market. Not anymore! Craviotto’s Center Stage drum sets feature their signature one-ply, solid Maple shells finished with center mounted cast lugs. Due to weight differential between their solid brass tube lugs and thei lightweight cast lug, Center Stage drums open up quickly, tune easily, sing with clarity, and sparkle with resonance. The shallower depths respond quickly with a clear note. Articulate, responsive, and sonorous, Center Stage drum sets shine in the studio and glisten live.

Center Stage drums offer bold, resonant sounds with a small footprint. Play one today and hear why the Center Stage drum set by Craviotto will quickly finds its way to the front and center of your next gig!

The kit that we have on offer has the added bonus that this kit is one of the very rare Centre Stage Kits that Johnny Craviotto signed !


  • 20x12in Bass Drum
  • 12x7in Rack Tom
  • 14x12 Floor Tom

Craviotto Solid Shell

Craviotto Drum Company’s solid shell construction creates the tonal balance revered by engineers and artists, regardless of the size, dimensions and specifications.

Despite sporadic attempts, and a few isolated prototypes, no other drum manufacturer has succeeded in producing solid shell drumsets. Johnny Craviotto's decades of research, refinement, innovation, and resolve have paved the way to creating something truly unique in the drum industry.  The process necessary to bend and finish one-ply drum shells, that will stay true over time, has proven an espcially difficult task.

There are NO shortcuts in anything that Craviotto do. Since 2004, Craviotto has been handcrafting one-ply, solid shell drumsets and snare drums. When you play a Craviotto kit, whether you favor traditional jazz sizes or thunderous big band sizes, you’ll agree: nothing else sounds like a one ply kit.

Craviotto Maple Shell

Craviotto's Maple Solid Shell Drumsets have become some of the world's most popular kits. Craviotto send their production team to hand-select each board of maple they use in their renown Solid Shell Drums. They use only premium, hand-selected North American Rock Maple. Maple is known for its response, sensitivity, projection and articulation. Maple has become the go-to wood for many manufacturers beacuase of its sonic capabilities.

Solid Vs Ply

There is something in the warmth, resonance, and full bodied sound that a solid shell produces that plied shells just cannot replicate. Ply shell drums are comprised of several thin sheets of wood, which are glued together and moulded into a shell. The imperfections and irregularities in the woods that can be hidden away in the inner plies of a plied drum, coupled with the mass amounts of adhesive required to bind these plies together, limit the abilities of a ply shelled drum.

Craviotto shells are not inhibited or muffled by the excess glue used to bind the plies of wood together on a plied shell. Therefore, the solid drum shell is much lighter in weight and can resonate, breathe, and vibrate freely. Solid shells lend to a more organic sound and feel than a plied shell.

About Craviotto:

Each custom drum they make is handcrafted by their small group of artist craftsmen in California.

Johnny Craviotto and his team literally pick through millions of boardfeet of wood determing which boards are good enough to bear the Craviotto name. And that's just the starting point.  

From there, each drum goes through Johnny's proprietary process, and passes through the six most talented sets of hands in the drum building business. Each shell wears Johnny's fingerprints, sweat, and final signature of approval with pride.  Not every board makes it, only the best get Johnny's signature.

Every Craviotto drum is a one-of-a-kind, work of art.  While others say their drums are like a Craviotto, only Craviotto drums bear their name and Johnny's signature.

Please Note: There is no tom mount or hardware supplied with this shell pack. Snare, stands and cymbals are not included.


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