British Drum Co Aviator 14x6.5'' Snare Drum

*Now In Stock* British Drum Co Aviator 14x6.5'' Snare Drum
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British Drum Co Aviator Snare 14x6.5"

The British Drum Co 14" x 6.5" Aviator Snare Drum brings the sleek style of aviation into the world of drums. Featuring a 1.2mm aluminium shell, a stunning inverted centre band and beautiful palladium hardware, this snare delivers sophisticated looks and crisp sensitivity. 

Stratospheric Snare

Introducing British Drum Company's first aluminium snare drum!

Following the success of their first metal snare offering, the chrome over brass Bluebird snare, BDC have extended their range to include the Aviator. 

Influenced by the streamlined style and gleaming metallic profile of classic aircraft, British Drum Co have designed a snare drum to lift your drumming to new heights. 

British Drum Co 14" x 6.5" Aviator Snare Key Features:

  • 1.2mm Seamless Aluminium Shell 
  • Inverted Central Bead 
  • Silver Badge with Cherry Veneer Insert 
  • Aviator Air Vent Badge 
  • Palladium Hardware 
  • Dry Controlled Sound 
  • Great Sensitivity 
  • Wide Dynamic Range
  • The Aviator has landed! The first ever aluminium snare drum from the British Drum Co. and we are delighted to announce its arrival. Influenced by the graceful lines and gleaming metal profiles of the classic craft of aviation history, we developed a snare drum to inspire your playing to stratospheric heights.

    This stylish, elegant snare drum delivers a dry, controlled sound with a sensitive response over a wide dynamic range. Aviator inspires you to articulate your sticking from graceful ghost notes to a full-throated roaring backbeat. This drum offers you the full range of crisp, clean sounds to suit all types of playing.

    Crafted from a seamless 1.2mm solid aluminium shell, Aviator looks stunning with its sophisticated anodised surface, beautifully complemented by our stylish Palladium hardware. The cool, understated aesthetic of Aviator is  highlighted by the subtle inverted central bead, presenting a stunning shadow line around the shell. The cosmetic appeal of Aviator is delicately enhanced by an element of warmth courtesy of the Cherry veneer insert integrated within the iconic British Drum Co. badge.

    Aviator is, in every sense, a classically beautiful snare drum.

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