Tama 5 Piece Maple Shell Pack - Flat Black Lacquer - 22/10/12/14f/16f/14s
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The Tama Superstar Hyper-Drive Custom offers players a unique, modern configuration that delivers the best of both worlds - plenty of power and attack, with focused and articulate tones. The result is a truly stunning kit that can be wielded to control any environment, and ensure that you always sound as good as you deserve to. Short stack toms offer a punchy and precise sound, whilst the Star-Cast mounting system isolates shells for maximum resonance and tonal quality. Black Nickel shell hardware gives this kit killer looks to match the timeless tone. Please note - this shell pack does not include cymbals or hardware.

The all-birch shells of the Superstar drums have a full, powerful character with a rich resonance. As well as carefully selecting the wood, Tama have focused intently on shell moulding and the bearing edge shape, to ensure the very best sound possible.

The Hyper-Drive tom toms have a short depth, offering enhanced attack, punchy sound and quick response. It also means they can be set up in a lower position so you can post them more freely. The kit also features the 20" "Ultra Deep" bass drum, which gives thunderous low end and maximum resonance.

The toms are fitted with a Star-Cast Mounting System, a unique system that offers total tom isolation and unhindered shell resonance without any adverse effect on tuning or complicated head changes. Die-cast hoops on the drums offer easier, more consistent tuning along with crisp attack, clear, resonant highs and powerful rim shots. The "Quick-set" cymbal tilter on the included cymbal stands is toothless so you can freely adjust the angle and hold it in position by the friction of six metal disc plates instead of gears.

The Superstar drums have Power Craft II drum heads for a great sound right out of the box, with rich tone and impressive durability.



Model No.DescriptionQ'ty
MKB22EZBN 18"x22" Bass Drum 1
MKT10HBN 6.5"x10" Tom Tom 1
MKT12HBN 7"x12" Tom Tom 1
MKF14ABN 12"x14" Floor Tom 1
MKF16ABN 14"x16" Floor Tom 1
MC69 Single Tom Attachment 2




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