Tama Superstar Classic Exotic Maple 22'' 7 Piece Shell Pack - Garnet Burst Lacebark

Tama Superstar Classic Maple Exotic 7 Piece Kit - Garnet Burst Lacebark

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Providing punchy projection and rich resonance, this beautiful Tama drum kit offers superb versatility, great functionality and a stunning aesthetic. Well respected for its superior build quality, clear projection and ground-breaking design, the Tama Superstar Series has over 40 years of success to its name. Utilising their extensive experience and knowledge, Tama have created an all-new Superstar Classic kit that combines classic style with forward thinking design. Featuring thinner maple shells, a stunning exotic finish and streamlined hardware, this is a drum kit that delivers top quality tone and superior style.

16"x22" bass drum
6"X8" tom tom
7"x10" tom tom
8"x12" tom tom
12"x14" floor tom
14"x16" floor tom
6.5"x14" snare drum MTH600 double tom holder MC69 single tom attachment


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