Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch 22'' 3 Piece Shell Pack - Satin Burgandy Fade Lacquer

* 1 IN STOCK NOW * 22x14 12x8 16x16f - Satin Burgundy Fade Lacquer
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New Lacquer Finishes

Exploring limitless possibilities, our result in the wake of countless experimentation came in the form of the Hybrid Shell Walnut/Birch: combining the superior quality warmth and mid to low frequency tone of the increasingly popular and truly unique Walnut, with the well-defined and uncompromisingly solid attack of Birch.
Whilst we successfully preserved their unique sonic trademarks, the characteristics of both Walnut and Birch blend to persuade a very focused sound that would define itself with great distinction within a musical ensemble; married with controlled sustain and clarity; all sealed with an undeniably palpable feeling of warmth and resonance when performed.

Kit Includes :-

  • 22x14 bass drum
  • 12x8 tom w/ MC69 Tom Clamp 
  • 16x16 floor tom w/ Legs



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