Tama SLP Fat Spruce 22'' 3pc Kit - Turquoise

1 IN STOCK NOW - 22x14 12x8 16x14 - Spruce Shells - Turquoise Lacquer
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Tama's Direct Flexi-Mount System

The SLP Fat Spruce Shell Pack features Tama's Direct Flexi-Mount, featuring a two-piece structure that instead of increasing resonance, this system controls the vibration of the shell whilst allowing the shell to resonate more freely than traditional direct-to-shell mounts. The mount is made of a plate that is mounted to the shell and another piece that secures the L-rod of the tom holder/stand. The two sections are connected with a steel shaft, allowing for some horizontal play. This is what controls the vibration of the shell, allowing for increased resonance, projection and tone, as well as providing a smooth decay for a clear sound.


  • Bass Drum: 22'' x 14''
  • Rack Tom: 12'' x 8''
  • Floor Tom: 16'' x 14''


  • Shell Construction: Spruce Shells, 6-Ply 6mm Toms, 8-Ply 8mm Bass Drum
  • Hoops: Triple Flanged Die-Cast Hoop
  • Lugs: Brass Tube Lugs
  • Mounting System: Tama Direct Flexi-Mount
  • Heads: Evans G1 Coated Batter Heads
  • Hardware: Polished Chrome
  • Finish: Turquoise


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