SJC Pathfinder 22'' 4pc Shell Pack - Midnight Black

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Full Description

Proudly handcrafted in Taiwan

The SJC Drums Pathfinder Shell Pack is proudly handcrafted in Taiwan by a team of passionate drum builders, who share the same vision as SJC. Taking a new approach to expanding their company, SJC are visiting factories around the world to form relationships with other drum builders, allowing SJC to increase their market whilst offering the same attention to detail and high-quality drums that all SJC Custom Drums are renowned for.

Tuned and ready to play drums

The SJC Drums Pathfinder 22" 4pc Shell Pack is constructed from 7-ply maple/mahogany shells with 1.3mm triple flanged hoops, offering rich, balanced tones which are well suited to a range of genres and styles. Hand cut SJC 45 degree bearing edges ensure that the shells resonate and consistently stay in tune making the kit exceptionally reliable. They also allow the shells to produce more sustain with an added brightness and attack. Every drum is individually tuned and played to ensure that they are ready to be played upon arrival, meaning that SJC's astonishing tone is at the player's immediate disposal.

Versatile, dynamic shell hardware

Hand cut SJC 45 degree bearing edges ensure that shells are powerful and cutting, with more sustain and attack. Featured 1.3mm triple-flanged steel hoops encourage open and long sustain so the tone cuts through the mix. SJC Shield Lugs offer better tuning stability and adjustability than tube lugs, making the kit more versatile and dynamic.

With a great sound also comes a great aesthetic. The Midnight Black Satin Stain Finish gives the kit a distinctive vintage look and feel while providing a warm and smooth tone. The striking SJC badge is located on the front of each drum in a visually pleasing teal colour.

Perfect foundation setup

The SJC Drums Pathfinder 4 Piece Shell Pack offers a foundation setup that can be finished with the hardware and cymbals of your choice and expanded with add-on drums and holders if you choose. Designed for the intermediate drummer, the SJC Pathfinder Shell Pack offers a great learning experience for drummers of any level who are looking for a great, affordable drumkit.


  • Drum configuration:
    • Kick drum: 22'' x 18''
    • Rack tom 1: 10'' x 7''
    • Rack tom 2: 12'' x 8''
    • Floor Tom: 16'' x 16''
  • Shells: Mahogany and maple
  • Lugs: SJC Shield
  • Bearing edges: 45 degree
  • Hoops: 1.3mm tom hoops
  • Hardware: Flat black
  • Finish: Midnight Black Satin Stain


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