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Straight out of your grandparents’ basement, the Heirloom kit combines classically custom looks with a warm, vintage tone as if it has been passed down from generation to generation. We’ve outfitted 6-ply hybrid shells made of mahogany, poplar, and maple in our matte Custard Yellow finish that subtly commands your attention. Handcrafted maple reinforcement rings work with our SJC vintage round-over edges to provide a full, punchy attack. The toms feature shallower depths (7.5x13 rack and 14x16 floor), which slightly increase their responsiveness and give the kit a distinct appearance. To top it all off, the kick hoops are finished in zebrawood, which completely brings the set-up full circle. Get behind a kit that will separate you from the pack and make your musical mark for years to come

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SJC Custom Drums USA Heirloom Kit

SJC Custom Drums USA Heirloom Kit 24/13/16ft Shell Pack

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Sales price: £1,899.00