Shell Pack - Peal Maple Masters Complete Drum Kit 22 10 12 16ft

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The Pearl Masters Maple Complete Shell Pack is a responsive drum set for the performing player. Modeled around the original Masters style, the Custom Complete pack has a loud, pronounced tone with excellent clarity. The reduced Maple shells' thickness ensures a more resonant tone, without the drums sounding muddy or unclear. The matt caviar black finish is a smart, subtle look to this high performance pack.

Pearl Masters Maple Custom Complete Series

The Pearl Masters Series drums have been heard all over the world and on countless recordings. Players such as Jeff Porcaro, Ian Paice and many others have used Pearl's Master Series drums to achieve consistent, flawless tone. The Masters Series drums have the features, tone and looks to be suitable for both stage and studio purposes. The new EvenPly-Six shell style produces wider resonance and a more direct response. The Maple Custom Complete takes all the most important benefits of the Masters Series drums, and combines them with new features for a more rock inspired sound.

SuperHoop II Included on Toms

The Pearl Masters series Toms all include SuperHoop ll hoops for playing perfect rim shots and cross-stick effects. These cleverly designed hoops are precision formed from heavy duty 2.3mm steel, and provide you with optimal resonance and articulation.

OptiMount Suspension System

All rack toms are equipped with Pearl's OptiMount suspension system that features a triangular design with two tension rod attachment points and another through one of the drum's two air vents. Rubber isolators at all connection points enable the drums to vibrate freely for ultimate sustain and resonance while providing absolute and wobble-free performance.

Kit Includes:

  • 22" x 18" Bass Drum
  • 10" x 7" Tom
  • 12" x 8" Tom 2
  • 16" x 14" Floor Tom


  • 6-Ply 5.4mm Premium North American Maple Shells
  • Matte Lacquer Finish
  • SuperHoop ll Hoops
  • Remo Powerstroke Bass Drum Heads
  • OptiMount Suspension System
  • Remo UT Pinstripe Tom, Ported UT Powerstroke3 Remo Heads
  • CL Bridge Style Lugs
  • LB-40 Floor Tom Brackets & Legs


  • Bass Drum: 22" x 18"
  • Tom 1: 10" x 7"
  • Tom 2:12" x 8"
  • Floor Tom: 16 " x 14";
  • Shell Material: 6 Ply 5.4mm Maple
  • Lugs: Bridge Style CL
  • Hoops: 2.3mm SuperHoop II
  • Floor Tom Legs: LB-40
  • Finish: Matt Caviar Black


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