Pearl Export High Voltage Blue - 20 10 12 14ft 14s w/ 830 HW pack + SABIAN SBR Cymbal Set

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Poplar/Mahogany Shells

The Pearl Export EXX Drum Kit features high-quality 6-ply 7.5mm poplar/Asian mahogany blended shells, with a high voltage blue finish and chrome hardware. The shells offer a crisp, warm tone which is extremely versatile and well suited to a range of drumming styles and genres. Export EXX drums also integrate Pearl's Opti-Loc suspension system which uses a three-way attachment design, consisting of rubber isolators at three points across the drum, offering maximum sustain and resonance without the inconvenience of wobbling during your performance. The Pearl Export EXX Drum Kit includes a full set of high-quality chrome hardware and a set of Sabian SBR performance cymbals, making the kit ideal for beginner and intermediate drummers who don't have a full setup already. Available in a wide range of configurations and finishes, the Pearl Export EXX Drum Kit offers superb performance at an extremely affordable price point.

Pearl 830 Series Hardware

Pearl Export EXX Drums include Pearls unbeatable 830 series chrome hardware, providing everything musicians need to get the most out of their drums. A P-930 Bass Drum Pedal features a single-chain drive mechanism, with a Demon-style Powershifter longboard and an interchangeable cam for maximum adjustment over your pedal response and feel. The BC-830 Boom Cymbal Stand is a reliable, durable stand with an infinitely adjustable uni-lock tilter for customisable cymbal angles and positioning. The C-830 Cymbal Stand features a similar uni-lock tilter, without the flexible positioning options of the BC-830. A H-830 Hi-Hat Stand provides a great foundation for your hi-hats, whilst the included S-830 Snare Drum Stand offers superb balance and stability for your snare drum throughout your time playing. Perfect for drummers who don't have a full hardware setup already, the Pearl Export EXX Hardware offers a high-quality, versatile foundation which can be easily customised to suit you best.

Sabian SBR Cymbal Performance Set

The Pearl Export EXX Drum Kit includes a Sabian SBR Cymbal Performance Set which consists of 14'' hi-hats, a 16'' crash and a 20'' ride. The cymbals deliver a clean, bright sound with a great projection, making them suitable for any genre from jazz to rock and even metal. Ideal for beginner and intermediate drummers, the Sabian SBR Cymbals are the perfect complement to the Pearl Export EXX Drum Kit.

Perfect Foundation Setup

The Pearl Export EXX Drum Kit offers a foundation setup that can be expanded with add-on drums and holders if you choose. When paired with additional drums or accessories, the Pearl Export Drum Kit offers a great learning experience for beginner and intermediate drummers, whilst offering the high-quality components to allow players to progress on to more advanced levels of drumming.

Pearl Export EXX

Known around the world as one of the most popular kits on the market, the Pearl Export Series has been one of the top-selling drum kits for the last 30 years. Designed to bring quality and value to drummers of any age or ability, Pearl Export drums are responsible for the creation of numerous drumming legends, and continue to shape the future of drumming to this day. Pearl understand that everybody has different tastes, which is why they offer a huge range of different kit configurations, styles, and finishes, allowing drummers to choose a kit to suit them best. With included hardware packages and cymbal sets, Pearl Export EXX Drum Kits provide everything you need to begin your drumming journey and even progress on to more advanced stages.


  • 6-ply (7.5mm) Poplar/Asian Mahogany blended shells
  • Chrome hardware
  • Opti-loc suspension system
  • Matching 14'' x 5.5'' snare drum
  • Remo Clear tom head, ported Remo Powerstroke bass drum head
  • TH70I tom holders
  • Drum muffler (mini)
  • P930, BC830, C830, H830, S830 Hardware


  • Bass Drum: 20'' x 18''
  • Snare Drum: 14'' x 5.5''
  • Rack Tom 1: 12'' x 8''
  • Rack Tom 2:10'' x 7''
  • Floor Tom: 14'' x 14''


  • P-930 Bass Drum Pedal
  • BC-830 Boom Cymbal Stand
  • C-830 Cymbal Stand
  • H-830 Hi-Hat Stand
  • S-830 Snare Drum Stand
  • TH70I Tom Holders


  • Sabian SBR 14'' Hi-Hats
  • Sabian SBR 16'' Crash Cymbal
  • Sabian SBR 20'' Ride Cymbal


  • Shells: 6-Ply (7.5mm) Poplar/Asian Mahogany
  • Suspension: Opti-Loc
  • Heads:
    • Tom: Remo Clear Tom Head
    • Bass Drum: Remo Ported Powerstroke Bass Drum Head
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Finish: High Voltage Blue


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