Pearl Compact Traveller Kit

Pearl Compact Traveler Kit

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Pearl Compact Traveler Kit

Pearl’s Compact Traveler includes a slim 18” bass drum and 10” snare mounted off a 3/8” post. The compact footprint is perfect for schools, street drummers and small stages..

Built for Travel

The Pearl Compact Traveler Shell Pack was designed for the everyday gigging drummer, featuring a two-piece configuration with extremely thin, lightweight shells. The bass drum is mounted on a stand which can be easily dismantled or assembled, whilst the snare drum is mounted off a 3/8'' post. The snare mount has a foam grip, allowing you to move your kit around on stage and even carry it short distances without collapsing the kit. The Compact Traveler's lightweight shells eliminate any restrictions of portability, and when folded, the drums are less than 5'' thick.

Perfect Foundation Setup

The Pearl Compact Traveler Shell Pack offers a foundation setup that can be finished with the hardware and cymbals of your choice and expanded with add-on drums and holders if you have space. When paired with high-quality cymbals and hardware, the Compact Traveler Shell Pack is the perfect kit for any modern day gigging or travelling drummer.


  • PCTK1810 includes a 10" snare & 18" bass drum with black hardware and frame
  • Drum key tunable
  • Accepts standard drumheads
  • Folds compact - less than 5" thick
  • Foam grip for easy carry
  • Black shell hardware


  • Bass Drum: 18''
  • Snare Drum: 10''
  • Also Includes: Bass Drum Frame, Snare Drum Mount


  • Pearl Compact Traveler Kit Bag
  • Designed specifically for the Pearl compact Traveler Kit


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