Pearl Masterworks Modern Dry 24'' 4 Piece Drum Kit - Brooklyn Burst Lacquer w/ Gold Hw

Pearl Masterworks Modern Dry 24/12/16+14x8s - 4 Piece Drum Kit - Brooklyn Burst Lacquer w/ Gold Hw

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Modern Dry

Represents new ground in Master works; focusing on quick, top heavy articulation with controlled low end for today’s multifaceted beat creator.


Each drum produces a fat, centered tone that blends well in play. The shell’s unique Maple/Gumwood /Mahogany combo adds control and restraint.


  • 24x16 undrilled bass drum
  • 12x8 tom
  • 16x16 floor tom
  • 14x8 matching snare drum


2 ply Maple outside and 2 ply Gumwood inside with 4 ply Mahogany Reinforcement Rings. A thin shell with softer ring and tonewood that adds focus in the bottom end.

Bearing Edge

Inner 45° – An unconventional edge that contacts the head beyond the shoulder. Focuses the apex to the inner shell plies and increasing control in low tunings.

STL Swivel Tube Lugs

The pivoting brass tension casing in the two-point STL lug assures accurate tuning, decreased shell weight, and increased low-end power


MasterCast Hoops – added weight for increased volume and controlled sustain on each drum.


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