Dw Performance Series 22'' 4 Piece Shell Pack - Natural Lacquer

Dw Performance Lacquer Finish 22x18 10x8 12x9 16x14f - Natural Lacquer
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The DW Drums Performance Series 22'' 4 Piece Shell Pack includes a 22'' kick drum, 10'' and 12'' rack toms and a 16'' floor tom. Featuring innovative maple HVX shells, these DW drums provide a loud, open tone.



  • 22x18 basss drum undrilled
  • 10x8 tom
  • 12x9 tom
  • 16x14 floor tom
  • Shell Construction: North American Maple
  • Hardware: Polished Chrome Steel
  • Lugs: Quarter Turret Lugs
  • Hoops: Steel Triple Flange Hoops
  • Mounting System: STM (Suspension Tom Mounts)
  • Heads: Remo USA
  • Tension Rods: True-Pitch Rods
  • Finish: Natural


Performance kit

The Performance Kit is extremely versatile, offering sound capabilities to cover virtually any style of drumming. When tuned low-medium, these shells are ideal for rock, pop and a wide range of other musical genres. When tuned up tighter, the HVX shells provide a sharp jazz sound with ease.

DW Manufacturing

The DW Performance drums feature a unique shell technology handcrafted and finished by the DW Custom Shell Shop in Oxnard, California. These shells, constructed from North American hard rock maple, use the latest grain orientation technology to produce HVX shells to deliver a deep, powerful and fundamental tone. This innovative hybrid provides the perfect level of projection and resonance – perfect for live applications.

The shells also undergo a heat forming and cool tempering process in order to maximise the shell strength, roundness and resonance. This greatly improves the tuning stability, durability and consistency of each shell.

Unique hardware for precise tuning

Unique to the Performance Series is DW’s reduced-size quarter turret lugs offering a more modern appearance. These lugs are a scaled-down version of the famous round DW lug.

In order to give even more sound control to the drummer, DW created its patented True-Pitch® rod system. These rods feature 5mm threads rather than the standard 12/24 on most other drums. This results in an easier and more precise tuning process.

Patented STM system provides maximum resonance

DW’s patented STM™ (suspension tom mount) system allows the drums to vibrate freely for maximum resonance, while securely holding the drum in place. These mounts do not have washers or grommets inhibiting the lug rod receiver, reducing choking and making tuning as easy as ever.

Exceptional versatility and playability

The steel triple flange hoops are tailored to each shell diameter in order to unlock a dynamic balance of attack and sustain. These hoops provide an extremely versatile sound that suits all types of players from jazz and funk to rock and hip-hop.

The DW Performance kit features back-cut bearing edges for maximum versatility and playability. The toms come crowned with pinpoint 45-degree back-cut bearing edges which enhances the attack and increases head responses. The kick drum features 60-degree edges for richer depth and effortless playability.

Performance Series floor toms also feature chrome plated steel 21'' legs for stability and strength. The 21'' floor tom legs accommodate a range of playing heights - providing exceptional versatility and playability.

Specially made Remo heads

The DW Performance Series drums come standard with a set of heads made specifically for DW by Remo USA. The bass drum features a coated/clear batter head with an inlay ring and a vented ebony resonant logo head. The toms are fitted with coated/clear batter heads and clear resonant tom heads. The coated/clear heads incorporate a coated tone ring for the perfect amount of muffling, with plenty of resonance.




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