Zildjian ZBT Pro Cymbal Box Set w/ FREE 18

Zildjian ZBTP390-A Promo Box Set - 20" ride 14" Hi Hats, 16" Crash + 18" Free Crash - Free Delivery UK Mainland

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Zildjian ZBT Pro Box Set with FREE 18'' Crash Cymbal Details

The new ZBT Pro Promotional set gives players the opportunity to own a great sounding set of Zildjian bronze cymbals at a great price, whether you're upgrading from your basic brass cymbals or getting your first set. This set contains all the essentials you need. The 20'' ZBT Ride, 14'' ZBT hi hats, 16'' ZBT crash and a free 18'' ZBT crash give you a good selection of sounds to play whatever style of music you're into


  • Free 18'' Crash
  • 20'' ZBT Ride
  • 14'' ZBT Hi Hats
  • 16'' ZBT Crash
  • Amazing Value


  • Alloy: Enhanced Zildjian Sheet Bronze: 92% Copper, 8% Tin.
  • Hammering: Small round hammer strikes in a precision patter creating texture and character.
  • Lathing: Sound grooves on top surface only.
  • Finish: All brilliant finished.
  • Sound: Quick, bold, bright response with more focused tones. Totally consistent within each model.


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