Zildjian FX Stacks 14'' FX Stack Pair with Cymbolt Mount

Zildjian FX Stacks 14" FX Stack Pair with Cymbolt Mount
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Zildjian FX Stacks 14" FX Stack Pair with Cymbolt Mount

The new Zildjian fx Stacks are the latest in innovative design,providing drummers with the ability to easily transition from a stack to traditional HiHats with the use of an exclusive Zildjian Cymbolt mount. Drummers now have the freedom to explore a variety of pitches and sounds in one versatile cymbal pair – transitioning from bright, fast, and cutting, to trashy and raw, simply by changing the set - up or adjusting the wing nut.
The fx Stacks feature a rounded top with a distinctive hole pattern, and a flattened lip to fit seamlessly as a stack or Hi Hat with the cold-rolled steel bottom, to create a very quick, brilliant staccato sound.
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