Stagg DH-B6MB 6" Medium Bell

Stagg 6" Double Hammered Bell Medium Cymbal

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Stagg 06" Double Hammered Bell Medium Cymbal

A highly versitile cymbal for the more demanding player. Stagg DH series undergo an extra complex hand-hammereing method to create cymbals with well balanced overtones. They are all produced from a professional 80% copper and 20% tin alloy - B20.

Highly versatile cast cymbals, double hammered (DH) for well-balanced overtones. In our experience, these cymbals compare very well with much more expensive cast cymbals from the better-known manufacturers!

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Tuesday, 29 December 2015
I studied with Don early in my caerer, his insight on choosing the right sticks for playing drums saved me the trial and error of potential repetitive muscle injury to my arms and hands. I recall Drum's-Just Can't Beat'em!!