Sabian AAX Ltd Edition 16'' Concept Crash

Ltd Edition Special Offer Crash Cymbal
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The new and updated AAX cymbals unlock a whole new sound. A fresh hammering style increases the complexity, while providing a slightly darker tone to the original AAX cymbals. All of the AAX cymbals are completed with a brilliant finish, providing a brighter and more complex sound, as well as providing stunning aesthetics.

AAX dynamic focus

With Sabian's 'Dynamic Focus' design, the Sabian LTD Edition 16" AAX Concept Crash delivers exceptional responses at every volume. Whether you are playing at home, in the studio, or in a live environment, the Sabian AAX cymbals will deliver a consistently bright, crisp and clear tone.

An updated sound

The latest additions to the AAX line are an introduction to a whole new palette of sound by Sabian. With a smaller raw bell, these versatile cymbals produce a crispy sound that blends nicely into any musical style. The medium weight cymbals provide a bright and powerful sound, making them perfect for recording or live performances.

New style of hammering

With a completely new hammering style, the new AAX cymbals produce a more complex and slightly darker sound. More high frequencies are introduced into the sound, resulting in a wider band of frequency, making for brighter highs and more complex lows.


  • Size: 16''
  • Material: B20 Bronze
  • Weight: Medium Thin
  • Sound: Bright
  • Pitch: High
  • Bell Size: Medium
  • Finish: Brilliant
  • SKU: 216XBF2
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