SABIAN AA/XSR The Sizzler 16'' Stax Effects

SABIAN AA/XSR The Sizzler Stax Effects 16''

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Sabian Stax cymbal combo; The Sizzler, brings together a 16” AA Sick hat top and a 16” XSR China.

Limited Edition Sabian Stax The Sizzler Stack Combo

Giving you some great combos, Sabian introduce their Stax – awesome cymbal stack combos that come in a variety of flavours to add more dynamism to your kit and performance.

Sick Hat and China

To create The Sizzler Stax, Sabian have taken their 16” AA Sick Hat Top and placed it on top of a 16” XSR China.

With the Sick Hat having a matt finish and the XSR China having a brilliant finish, you get some added visual presence. When the stage lights shine through the holes of the Sick top and get reflected back out by the XSR China, it looks fantastic.

Of course, it’s not all about looks, and while The Sizzler Stax looks awesome; it sounds even better.

It has an incredible sizzling sound with a pleasingly loud attack that can stand up to even the loudest guitars.

Available for a limited time only, the Stax combos are a great way of fleshing out your kit and adding new sound to your performance.

Sabian AA / XSR The Sizzler Stax Cymbal Combo, Key Features:

  • Great “Sizzling” Sound
  • Huge Volume
  • Awesome Visual Impact
  • Includes 16” AA Sick Hat and 16” XSR China Cymbals
  • Product ID: 25002SX


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