Paiste 14" 900 Series Heavy Hi Hats

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The Paiste 900 Series 14" Heavy Hi-Hat creates a powerful hi-hat sound at an ideal price. The 900 Series Heavy Hi-Hat produces strong, medium to very loud volumes consisting of full, defined tones. This creates a lively intensity with medium long sustain to provide an energetic feel that will be suited to vibrant players. The unique design of the 900 Series 14" Heavy Hi-Hat gives the player a bright, open sound and a solid chick. The Heavy Hi-Hat is forged from 2002 bronze with a special finish that brings out the lathing grooves and slightly darkening the colour. The end product is a crisp sounding hi-hat of great quality.


Paiste 900 Series- Advanced Flexibility Redefines Value

The Paiste 900 Series takes a new step into value for money. The cymbals in the 900 Series are crafted in Switzerland using unchanged, authentic methods to produce top class products for over half a century. The reasonable pricing along with the advanced musical capabilities of the products in this series, work wonderfully to present you with professional quality without having to shatter your bank account.

The main focus of the series is on Crashes and Rides of medium and heavy weight in a variety of sizes. The rest of the program includes a range of Hi-Hats, Splashes and Chinas. The 900 Series covers a wide range of stylistic needs that has something for every drummer.

Thoughtful design has clearly gone into this range of 900 Series Cymbals to supply you with great flexibility without having to sacrifice any of the feel or outstanding playability. This means that no element has to be compensated for another. The sound is that of an overall warmth with a discreet brightness. However, on the heavier and larger models you gain bold projection along with abundant brilliance.

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