*Pre-Owned* Zildjian ZBT 16'' Crash

*Pre-Owned* Zildjian ZBT 16'' Crash

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Sales price £38.00

*Pre-Owned* Zildjian ZBT 16'' Crash

Excellent Condition.

Zildjian 16 - Designed to be an introductory range, the ZBT line up is made using sheet bronze that's hammered, shaped and moulded to exact specifications. Whilst that sounds expensive it comes in at a highly affordable price that offers great performance and exceptional value for money. With Zildjian's 16" ZBT Crash the sound is bright and direct with a high-pitched tone that's easy to play. Zildjian is a top brand used by the worlds best drummers so you can rest assured that you're in good hands with Zildjian's 16" ZBT Crash


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