Natal Cafe Racer Acoustic Shell Pack Drum Kit 4 Pce 22'' US Fusion

Natal Cafe Racer Acoustic Drum Kit 4 Pce 22'' US Fusion
Black and White Split

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Natal Cafe Racer Acoustic Drum Kit 4 Pce 22'' US Fusion

Black and White Split


The Natal Cafe Racer Series pays homage to classic cars and vintage drums and boy does it do it justice. Let's talk about the first thing that hits you when you see the Natal Cafe Racer Series and that has got to be the finish. High quality lacquer finishes harness the roadster style colour choices that reflect some of history's favourite cars from British Racing Green to Oxblood Red and every colour in between, the finishes are literally mouthwatering! Tulip wood shells are the base of the fantastic finishes and the hardwood itself is something to shout about! The tulip shell is focussed and it really does show when you start to get going with this shell pack, tulip shells have an ability to produce dry sounds that are littered with just the right amount of warmth and projection.

From start to finish you'll be able to rev up enough sound with this acoustic drum kit to make it suitable for a gig, tour, festival or sold out arena, these shell packs take the saying '0-100 in no time' to whole new level! The shell itself has a slightly rounded 45 degree bearing edge, which has been hand finished and really ties the whole look and feel of the kit together. Features wise Cafe Racer is bursting at the seams, Tru-Tune Tension Rods ensure consistent tuning every time, the NRM Aluminium Ball Tom Mounting System aids in securing the toms whilst they are mounted and the hardwearing telescopic bass drum spurs are just the start.

Each and every Natal kit also holds a Natal Sun logo drum badge and the Cafe Racer Series feature Natal high mass chrome plated zinc sun lugs which rounds off the shell pack perfectly. It's made it to the starting line, now it needs you to win the race!


  • Natal Cafe Racer Series
  • Tulip Wood Drum Shell
  • Rounded Shell
  • Hand Finished 45-degree Bearing Edge
  • Tru-Tune Tension Rods
  • Telescopic Bass Drum Spurs
  • NRM Aluminium Ball Tom Mounting System
  • Natal Chrome Plated Zinc Sun Lugs
  • Natal Sun Logo Drum Badge
  • US Fusion Drum Kit Configuration
  • High Quality Lacquer finishes
  • Available in a range of finishes


  • 22" x 18" Bass Drum
  • 10" x 8" Rack Tom
  • 12" x 9" Rack Tom
  • 16" x 16" Floor Tom

Please Note: Hardware, cymbals and snare drum are not included.


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