ATV ADrums Artist Standard Kit with Module

ATV ADrums Artist Standard Kit with Module

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When played gently, the drum is smooth and round.
When you hit it hard, the drum has a commanding impact.

Be inspired every time you practice, play, and perform.
This is how you connect with your instrument.

You desire more - raw power and emotion stir within you.

These are the kind of instruments ATV creates for you.

The aDrums are electronic drums based on the concepts of Authentic, Acoustic, and Artware.
Our goals are to unify the setup, size, and feel in a way that will draw out a great-feeling performance from the player, to focus on the essence of the instrument, and to express the ultimate in acoustic drum sounds.

We eliminate unnecessary functionality, for a design that befits an instrument. We focus on delivering good sound and a good performing experience. Everything has been carefully selected and refined with the player in mind.

Soft strikes produce a whisper, and strong strikes make the air tremble. The bold and delicate expressions that previous instruments could not convey can now be fully expressed thanks to ATV's technology.

Even though it might look the same as another instrument, a truly wonderful instrument is one in which we somehow become immersed. We are pursuing the true value of an instrument that cannot be expressed by specs or functions.




  • Artist series
  • Standard configuration
  • ATV aD5 electric drum module with 5 drum kits (expandable)
  • Uncompressed stereo WAV multilayer samples
  • High dynamic range
  • Very low latency
  • Mesh head drum pads in the look of acoustic drums
  • Shells made of 6-ply birch
  • Snare with additional side stick edge of maple
  • Optical hi-hat recognition ensures faster and more accurate response
  • Cymbals with silicone surface can be played on each side
  • High-gloss lacquered shells
  • Colour: Solid Black

Kit Configuration:

  • 18" x 12" bass drum (without hole)
  • 10" x 6.5" dual-zone tom tom
  • 13" x 12" dual-zone stand tom
  • 13" x 5.5" three-zone snare drum
  • 14" dual-zone hi-hat pad
  • 16" dual-zone crash pad with stop function
  • 18" three-zone ride cymbal pad with stop function

Hardware Included:

  • Snare stand
  • Tom / Cymbal combo stand
  • Cymbal stand
  • Multiclamp for drum module

NOTE: Throne, bass drum pedal and hi-hat stand not included.


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