Yamaha Recording Custom 22'' 4 Piece Shell Pack - Classic Walnut

Yamaha Recording Custom 22x14 10x7 12x8 16x16ft 4 Piece Shell Pack - Classic Walnut

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Recording Custom

Working with the legendary Artist Steve Gadd, Yamaha have elevated the iconic Recording Custom Series with new design elements, producing a refined focused sound with enhanced rounded and deeper tone. All North American Birch 6 Ply shells with 30 Degree Bearing Edges are complimented by the re-designed Hi Tension Lug that is weighted to enhance lower frequencies. The result is an easy-to-use and easy-to-tune drum set that re-defines the classic signature sound. Suitable for any style of drumming in all situations.


Kit Includes :-

  • 22x14 drilled bass drum w/ TH945B Triple Holder for Bass Drum incl 2x tom arms
  • 10x7 tom
  • 12x8 tom
  • 16x16 floor tom





 Recording Custom
Design/Architecture Detail
Lug Newly designed Weighted High-tention Lug (One-piece)
Shell 100% Birch 6ply (with inner Dark Brown paint)
Bearing Edge 30 degree / R1.5
TT/FT Hoop Triple Flange Hoop (Steel 1.6mm)
BD Hoop Wood Hoop
TT/FT Head Top: Remo US Coated Ambassador, Bottom: Remo US Clear Ambassador
BD Head Front :Remo Smooth White PS3 with Yamaha Logo , Batter: Remo PS3 Coated (only 18"BD Remo Coated Ambassador)
Tom Mount Y.E.S.S. System
FT Bracket Open type
BD Leg Convertible type


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