Sonitus Kicker Muffler for 26x14" Bass Drum

KICKER 26x14"

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Sales price £22.95


  • Kicker is the world’s first “Head to Head” bass drum muffler.
  • Kicker dampens the front and rear bass drum heads and eliminates unwanted frequencies.
  • Kicker gives a better pedal feel as it reduces unwanted vibrations on the drum head so sensitivity is greatly improved.
The Kicker is custom designed for all bass drum diameters and depths. Made from high quality Polyester foam which is more durable than the Polyether foam that is normally used in acoustic applications, the special structure yields the best results for the Kicker. Kicker is made proportionally for all bass drums, which means that the volume of air percentage is the same for all. The design and material gives a clear sound in low frequencies, while muddy and high frequencies are absorbed. The result is a powerful and focussed sound. Kicker is extremely light weight so overall weight is not affected. Installation is easy and requires no adhesive, glue or tape. 


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