Snareweight Brass #5

Snareweight Brass #5
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Snareweight #5 is built for metal triple flange hoops (die cast hoops need the additional "pro lock" adapter). The #5 is precision cut from solid 3/4lb. brass. The weight, friction, and magnet, all work together to create "expressive dampening"- giving color options to your playing all the way through the dynamic range.

A neodymium arched magnet secures the Snareweight to the hoop while at the same time securing the leather insert.

Full Description

Secure Grip

You can count on it to stay in place. It’ll give you a consistent tone and will stay securely on your snare even during demanding performances. The neodymium arched magnets secures it to the hoop, whilst at the same time securing the leather insert of your choice for dampening.

There’s an ‘extra grip’ feature that can be pulled out and prevents it from moving over time. It’s easy to use too. You can slide it around the rim with one hand and hit the snare with the other until you find that sweet spot. 

Interchangeable Insert

The Snareweight #5 accepts a wider range of insert accessories. As standard, it features a piece of leather attached to a magnet in order to connect it to the Snareweight’s body. The leather helps to dampen the sound of your snare, compressing its sound by 2-3dB, which helps to achieve optimum recording levels without needing outboard gear for mixing.

This also gives you the ability to get rid of unwanted frequencies by choosing the insert that matches the drum head.

Enhance Your Snare Tone

More colour and clarity. The Snareweight #5 will add mass to the head to evenly smooth the lower-mid ringing frequencies that can’t be reached with other methods. The tone of your shell will be unaffected. 

You can shape the high frequencies by matching the chosen insert in a snap with your favourite drum head. 


  • Permanent snare drum damper solution
  • ’Extra Grip’ gives secure hold for hard hitting drummers
  • Rustic brown leather for the standard insert – bit brighter sounding with a more cutting rim shot
  • All older inserts work with the #5
  • Detachable mass soaks up the ring and adds punch but keeps the high end
  • Slide it like a dial to quickly hone in to your sound
  • Weighted and painstakingly balanced to make the right contact
  • Choose a side of the removable leather insert like a treble switch on an amp
  • Buy different inserts to match your favourite head
  • Insert attaches to global magnet which acts as a spring to meet head



  • Width: 1.87''
  • Length: 2.44''
  • Depth: 0.66'


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