Groove Juice - Cymbal Cleaner

Groove Juice - Cymbal Cleaner

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Sales price £8.99

Our Best selling cymbal cleaner..Quick and easy to use

Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner is the original spray on rinse off cymbal cleaner an easy to use no mess cymbal cleaner.

Simply spray the product on the cymbal surface and wipe with a soft cloth or paper towel along the tonal grooves making sure cleaner is distributed evenly and leave on for approximately 30 seconds. Then rinse with warm water to remove all residue of the cleaner and towel dry the cymbal completely to remove all moisture.

  • Groove Juice Cymbal Cleaner was formulated for use on high quality professional bronze cymbals. For other cymbals use Groove Juice Jnr.



Wednesday, 30 December 2015
Wow thanks for this inoofmatirn. I am music lover and I would never have thought the type of care and specifics it takes to store certain musical instruments. Thank you again for this great inoofmatirn you saved me a lot of heartbreak.