Drummers Health Workshop w/ Martin Ranscombe

Drummers Health Workshop w/ Martin Ranscombe
Wednesday, 28 March 2018

'A Life Of Pain-Free Drumming'

Martin is a leading expert in drummers health and has developed a unique, holistic approach that helps drummers and percussionists avoid or overcome injuries and play with a very relaxed style.  Martin's methods have prolonged or in some cases, salvaged, the careers of drummers of all persuasions; whether professional or amateur....

His entertaining delivery and wealth of knowledge mean you'll need to attend his workshops with an 'open' mind and be prepared to 'think outside the box'.  Expect to get involved – audience participation is almost mandatory!

So, whether you have issues now, are concerned about what could happen or are simply curious, you should come and see Martin in action.  One thing is for sure – you'll come away with some cool insights into how the body really functions when it comes to playing our favourite instrument!