Clearsound Baffles - Now Available for UK and Europe

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Clearsound Baffles now available exclusively at Sound Attak for UK and Europe. 

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Clearsound Baffles are a transparent, lightweight acoustic treatment system for use in live music applications to control and improve sound

How do Clearsound Baffles Work?

Keeping vocalists on top of a live mix is one of a sound engineer's top priorities - and it's often the most difficult to maintain. To do this, vocalists' microphones require sensitive treatment and control of high-end frequencies where the voice's clarity and articulative qualities reside. However, if these microphones pick up other nearby, high-frequency sounds (like cymbals and horns), the resulting sound sent through the PA to the audience is hissing and shrill. When this happens, the sound engineer's only recourse is to turn these valuable frequencies down, resulting in a muffled vocal with little presence.

In the past, the solution for this was to put the offending instrument - most commonly the drums - in a plexiglass box (often fondly referred to as a "cage" or "fishbowl"). While this successfully reduced uncontrolled stage sounds, it simultaneously prevented the drummer from interacting with other band members, created a buildup of unwanted reflected sounds into the drum microphones, and essentially "killed the vibe" all with a high price tag.

Clearsound Baffles allow the user to essentially spot treat only the harshest sound sources and allow the rest of the instrument to breathe. When positioned between these sound sources and nearby stage microphones, they deflect and filter high-end frequencies and create a natural "low pass" or "roll off" effect. This instantly creates more space for the sound engineer to properly treat those valuable high-end frequencies and gives the singer the clarity and presence they need.