About Us

About Us

Sound Attak: The story so far...

It was always a concern that Colchester didn't have a stand alone Drum store that could offer a good selection of drum related products. I was constantly having to travel to London, and even then was not getting the service or choice of product so...

Sound Attak opened it's first store in Harwich Road in September 1994. This soon became too small to meet demand so we moved into the small business unit in the Cowdray Centre where we traded very successfully until 2006. Since then we've moved a couple of times, most recently to the Peartree Business Centre in Colchester. Different places, same Sound Attak service!  

Our priority is to stock all the leading brands
SJC, Pearl, Premier, Yamaha, Tama, Mapex, Sonor, DW, Gretsch, Pacific, Remo, Evans Heads, Vic Firth, Pro Mark, Vater, LP, Toca, Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste...

All these brands and many others are always in stock. 

The service we provide is to let our customers try before you buy. We never push certain brand names. We believe in letting you decide what drum kit or cymbal suits your needs best by letting you see, and most importantly hear, the various products. You can then compare the different sounds and quality through each manufacturer's range. 

Our service continues after your purchase, offering you immediate back up on spares and after care, reheading and tuning. 

The information and knowledge that we have gathered over the years has been gained by numerous complimentary factory visits, we have been to the Zildjian factory in the USA, the Sabian factory in Canada twice, the SJC factory, Vic Firth's factory, Pearl in Taiwan, Sonor in Germany and Paiste in Switzerland! We believe this has given us a greater understanding of the drum business in general and a better insight into the world drum market. 

As our stock turn around is prompt, you will not have the worry of not being able to see the latest ranges as soon as they become available from the distributors.

Pete Lewis (Director)