Vic Firth Modern Jazz Collection MJ2

Vic Firth Modern Jazz 2 Sticks - Wood Tip

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Sales price £10.50

    • Strong, Responsive Hickory
    • Extra-Long Tapers
    • Elongated Arrow-Shaped Beads
    • Length: 16"
    • Diameter: 0.550"
    • Feather Light Feel

    The Vic Firth Modern Jazz Collection reflects the needs of drummers who play new music in jazz or jazz-related styles, not the same old charts you'd find in a Real Book. They focus on getting the best sounds out of drums and cymbals in fusion, bop, and more experimental genres of music.

    MCJ2s feel feather light with extra long tapers and a thin 5A profile. Elongated arrow-shaped tips can pull out all sorts of overtones from your cymbals as long as you pay attention to the angle of contact.

    Length: 16"

    Diameter: 0.550"


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